So did you ever wonder where people create? Well, this is just a small peek into my creative space...or should I say lack of space!! LOL....I love the clutter, I love all the color around me, toys, projects that are started, projects that are finished, projects waiting to be finished! Because I deal with paint, there are numerous projects going on at one time (of course it could also be that my brain fires in rapid numbers different projects to work on!! LOL!) But, I do like to blame it on the paint!! Anyhow, there is usually a small path through my studio door (which use to be my daughters' bedroom!) to my work desk...The work desk has just a small working surface because I have so many toys, and happy objects on it that inspire me!! I surround myself with eye candy of the people I love...When I can't find something (and believe it or not amongst this clutter I usually can!!) then I know it is time to clean!! I am almost there, but not quite! I think I can get away with it for a week or so more as projects become completed and new ones pop up!! I have a few deadlines that I must meet so cleaning will have to wait!! (What a great excuse!!) So my wish for you today, is that you surround yourself with the things that make you happy, paint your studio a fun color, or if you use the table in the kitchen, before you start to create bring in a few objects that inspire you! I always know for myself when I am creating that when I look up and see something that speaks to me, the process is just that much better!! So go now...get to your studio...get to your space...put out some wonderful loving objects and CREATE!!
Artfully Yours,


JeSais said...

I must say, love the colors but your studio scares me!! SO glad it works for you!

Pattie Mosca said...

It Scares a lot of people Jenn...But, it is just creative choas for me...and the more I have around me, the more I do!! My head just works like that!! I will update a studio picture every now and then and you will see some things will be gone and new ones will be there!! LOL...its all a work in process for me!!
Artfully Yours
ps...Thanks for the picture...I may post it here!!