A Wish and a Dream Box

This is a custom box that I designed for an artist in Colorado. It was given as a gift to her from a friend. This design with the continuous vine is for growth, the stars with the sparkles is to remind her to reach for the stars! Inside there is a written note that says.."It all starts with a wish and a dream"! I love the feel of this box...It is both pretty and powerful! I love making these boxes for special people from those who love them...It helps me to understand the power of the people around us. How their support helps us to grow, and stand on our tip toes to reach our own stars, and know that when we can't they will help lift us up. That is my wish for you today that you value the people who support you, let them know,sing their praises, dance the happy dance with them and reach for the stars together!!
Artfully Yours,

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