Expose Yourself!

It is after midnight...so it is a new day!! This is the page that I just completed for my new art journal. It deals with the different masks that we wear. I do not have many anymore, but the one that I still keep, is the one when I am not feeling well, but pretend that I am. I think we all have that one! When someone says "is everything ok, and you answer YES, everything is fine." When really you just want to scream " NO...everything is not fine!" But to keep from complaining, or having a pity party you put on the mask. Sometimes it suits a purpose, other times it is just to benefit someone else...but most of the time it is just to keep our feelings, emotions, exposure to our self. The one thing I am learning however, is that most everyone who is close to you can handle your "mask" days and in order to make sense of them and get on it is good to expose yourself. When you do this you learn something about yourself. That is what this journal is helping me to do...Learn, grow, expose! So that is my wish for you today. If you are wearing a mask, drop it, show your eyes, expose yourself. Today if you do that you will learn a little more about yourself, and that will help you to grow. And afterall, we are growing more and more every day!
Artfully Yours,

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