I Give You..The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars

This is the final piece for the show. I really love this piece because it has that
3-D effect. I love working with wood and seeing it transform from a circle to a combination of sun, moon, and stars. By adding the wooden stars with the fibers it gives it such a fun and whimsical feeling. It makes me HAPPY! When I look at it my heart smiles! That is what art does to me...It makes me smile, deep down within me smiles! And this piece does that more than anyother one in the show! The show is hung..PHEW! And seeing the collection together on the wall of a gallery as opposed to the floor of my studio makes a HUGE difference. I am joyous today, because this project is COMPLETED!..FINISHED! I can take a little rest now!! Well, just a short one, because my mind is composing other things to do!!The best part about doing art for yourself is that it reflects who you are...and this show does just that...It reflects my color!That is my wish for you today, that you complete, finish, or better yet start a project that will make your heart sing! Give your soul your own happy song revealing all of your true colors.
Artfully Yours,

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