Step into my garden!

I have decided that one of the things that I want to do on this blog is share with you some of the creative things that I make. All colorful, all fairly useful items. I like working on projects that have a dual purpose. So here is a picture of a Step Stool that I painted for a gallery in Baltimore. This step stool is titled: Step Into My Garden....I did it for an opening that they had and I am HAPPY to report that it SOLD opening night!! I love that!! When I make something for a Gallery it is a great experience because I can do it anyway I LOVE to do it....And that makes for the creative process to be so open and free! When you are doing custom pieces you have a little less control over the direction that the project must take. I really love the Gallery work, because my mind is open and free to do anything that I want. When it is purchased I know it is because the person buying it feels the positive energy, the happiness of the creativity, the joy in the process that I felt while doing it...Because after all these are objects that speak to the buyer...I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I know that feeling. When you see something and you JUST KNOW it must be yours, you must have it around you, you know it just makes you happy!! That is my wish for you today. That you get a little glimpse of what makes you happy and then you do it! That you try to do it at least 5 minutes every day! Get into the habit of it...Make yourself HAPPY!
Artfully Yours,

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