Final Affirmation Entry.....

I have not written in my affirmation journal this week at all. With the things going on in my life I haven't even thought about it. I opened up the journal to share it with a friend and read the entry here and realized that the ending for this project had come. I wasn't even aware of it! I still have to make a cover, and back for the book and do a dedication page, as I would LOVE to get this little book published.
It would be a wonderful thing to inspire others to create their own, and at best for them to have a positive affirmation and a piece of colorful art to see every day. So that is my wish for all today. That you know when to start a project, a thought, a conversation, an affirmation, but you also know when to end them. To often we stay at the party longer than we need to and that cause deep trouble. Then we often don't even start the thing that we desire most and that causes deep soul trouble. So honor both your beginnings and your endings, it will do your soul good.
Artfully Yours,

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