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I am in an Altered Book exchange with 4 other very talented women! We are doing ABC books and the theme is MUSE ALPHA-BABES! When I first started creating the pages for the book, I had never done an altered book before. Being a painter rather than a collage artist I was intimindated as heck. These women had done it before and they ROCKED! So what the heck did I think I was doing joining in this media that I had only looked at and never really done before?! I finally let myself start to have FUN with the process! My mind started playing with images and I realized that the whole concept of the book just needed to be FUN for me...PLAY DATE with myself I guess you would say!! The pages that I create have paint and paper on them, along with embellishments and written words. This is my "K" page (Kid-Like Genius Muse) and I did it in honor of the womans' book that I had, Marney. Marney is a genius when it comes to her artistic talent and you can visit her at She has an amazing site and runs the best retreats! Anyhow, that is my wish for all today. That the process of your creativity remains FUN for you! Don't stress about it, because you won't get anything done if you do!! Just sit back, enjoy the process, do it with wild abandonment. CREATIVITY IS GOOD AND DESERVES TO BRING YOU JOY AND MOMENTS OF CREATIVE FUN!
Artfully Yours,

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Bae Bee said...

This is SO Marney!! I love it!