My Silence

Yesterday was a day of silence..I am not sure why, but no thoughts of creativity
came to me! I was slow moving...I lounged, I relaxed, I did not pressure, or push myself in any way! I usually do my journaling in the morning, but it did not speak to me till around 11:30 in the evening and when it did, it spoke to me of the silence of the day. I have realized that this silence is a lull, a time for me to juice myself back up! I use to "beat" myself up about this process, but now, I welcome it, I let it surround me and I enjoy the process. Usually something GREAT comes out of the silence.That is my wish for you...That you take time, listen to your silence, see what it has to say to you and watch for the GREATNESS to come flooding in.
Artfully Yours,

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