My Littlest BIG Love

This is a picture of my grandson who is my newest little BIG love!! The amount of joy that he has brought into our lives is so powerful. He has helped all of us to be a little more aware of the wonderment of life! He has brought so much more laughter, and smiles than we could of ever imagined. Take time today and enjoy a child! Look at things from a lower level point!! Everything looks so big and wonderful! Even if you don't have children around you watch them in stores, watch them in parks! Watch the exploring in their eyes! It will do your heart a world of good! It will make you once again aware that there is so much around us to look at, to listen to, to explore! I get to spend the day doing just that today, so I am off to play! Hope you bring a little play into your world today too!!
Artfully Yours,

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