The Spirit of Thomas

This is a piece of tin art that I have created in honor of my friend, Debs beloved cat Thomas.
Thomas passed away recently after many years of loving companionship to Debs, Tim and grandma Faye...It is always a heart breaking day when one of our beloved pets leave us. But, I know that Thomas is sitting with grandma Faye in a rocking chair purring ever so contently! This garden ornament is a reminder that Thomas is always within the reach of Debs heart.This is a gift that I will be taking to California with me when I meet Debs for the very first time!We are cyber friends, heart friends, kindred spirits...My life has changed in many ways since meeting her! So, today, my wish is that you take a moment and tell your friend that you care about them, that you are so happy they are in your life, that because of them you are a better
person. Make a card, send a card, draw a picture, or just pick up the phone! It will make your day and theirs!
Artfully Yours,

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Debs said...

There are those incredible moments in life when words utterly fail. Seeing your whimsical, delightful and loving "The Spirit of Thomas" is one of those times. Your work brings tears of JOY and HAPPY MEMORIES! Your work has inspired The Spirit of Thomas Garden in Key West!

Family and Friends of Thomas