7 Random Things About ME!

Ok...so my friend Bae tagged me and I am to write 7 random things about myself:

1. I am on what I like to call the"GET KNOWN NATIONALLY 2007 TOUR" (sending out lots of "artist calls")

2. I am almost bald and when I am completely bald I am going to have GLAMOUR SHOTS done by my friend Denise who is a fabulous photographer!)

3. I do not like Tuna Fish.

4. I question myself all the time!! (but I do not let it get to me to often!!)

5. I love deeply and hard, wearing my heart on my sleeve, so sometimes I get hurt!

6. I love ice cream and often eat it for dinner.

7. I do art every day, because I know no other way to live my life!

So there you go...7 random things about me...now I am off to tag others!! TEE-HEE


Hélène Deroubaix said...

I admire you for that 1st thing:)
I wish I had the motivation to try and submit lots of things to artist calls,but I'm so awfully organized and I have too much to do right now...well I know i'm also finding excuses ;)but it's so stressful the idea that you might never get your piece back,it can get lost etc...silly paranoid me;)

ah sighs I question myself way too much too,isn't it so boring some times?
wish I could be more buddhist in the soul and just sip the day and take things as they stop questionning start living...I always tell myself to do so, but well I think I'm a question girl:)

beautiful 5...I feel I am the way but my heart is not protected with hoarfrost that never melt even in summer,some kind of eternal snows with barbwires...I regret it but I have been hurt way,betrayed and disapoint way too much...I hardly believe someone loves me for me.
I know it's sad.

love the 7 :)I just don't know either how to live my life...but I wish I were more social and could afford to give my time to association things like that with core and enthusiasm...later for sure when I'll get really financially independent:)


Pattie Mosca said...
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Pattie Mosca said...

Thanks for being here H...
You will come into your own way at the right time...

Deb Silva said...

Love your list darlin, reminds me how much i miss you!