Birthday Girl

My sister was celebrating her birthday and what do you give to someone after so many years!!?? Well, I remembered this photo of her that was taken at my grandma's house with her dog FIFI....Anyhow, there are few photos left of us as kids (long story of flooding basements, leaky attics, and moves!!) So here is the birthday girl all decked out in her crown with her fairy wings and little dog!! She stands a top her own little birthday cake. Hopefully she will look at this every day and remember to treat herself very special...Happy Birthday Sister of Mine!!
Artfully Yours,


nancy v-b said...

oh pattie!!!!

i LOVE this!!!!

(heck just the idea of sitting on a cake is DELICIOUS!!)

love you!

nancy vittoria bello

Pattie Mosca said...

Thanks Nancy..(which by the way is my sisters name!!)
You have given me a great big ear to ear CAKE EATING grin!!