Writing Prompt...

I was sent this writing prompt via THE MUSE IS IN newsletter today....And thought I would share what I wrote....It is a lot of fun to see what you come up with when given a series of words, or sentences..

someone was saying, a room with two candles, about shadows, someone watching, began to believe, notice, city, someone dancing, a wall, the night would not end, music was over, saying, stars, how small they were, nothing, ahead, dandelion

At first there was nothing

In the night that would not end.

She saw the shadows flying

Against the wall, and

how small they were there

In the city of her dreams.

She felt someone watching and

Then someone saying




There in a room with two candles

She saw someone dancing

The music was over.......

And once again she began to


Believe….In dandelions

and stars.

May you also believe in dandelions and stars...HAPPY MAY DAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Artfully Yours,


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Royce Addington said...

Can't wait to see the ARTFULLY YOURS piece that will accompany your wonderful poem Dandelions and Stars!