Fish Fly!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a while since I last posted any art that I have been working on! So here is a baby shower gift that I have almost completed...Still have a few little details to work on and then I will seal it...I am thinking that a metallic orange frame would be really cool on this piece. The total size is 16 by 20 and it is on a flat canvas board...Now, I usually do not use flat canvas, and while doing this piece I remember why...but when the vision came to me, it was the only board I had and being somewhat impatient (LOL) I had to start it right away....Thus...canvas board!! I hope all who venture here today, enjoy this piece as much as I do....cause it sure does make me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Artfully Yours,


Lori Pilla said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! It sure does make me happy too. How lucky is that child to get such a fun piece. Something they'll probably love from baby to teenager. It's awesome.

Theres that sunshine again.

Royce said...

Fish Fly!
ARTFULLY YOURS Swims In The Stars!
Fabulous Piece!

brenda bliss said...