Where did the time go??

Where did the time go???? It has been over a week since I last posted on this site....OH MY!! Well, let me begin by saying that I have had a sinus infection and not feeling well...hummm...my cat chewed my cable...hummm....I was abducted by aliens....hummm... well, truth is that I have been sick , but I am also elbow deep once again in deadlines!! I am working on so many things at once again that my studio is a disaster area!! LOL..Although I am finding out that more and more artist are exposing their studios to look very similar to mine!! See, if it isn't messy than I am not working!! LOL..I have gotten into the habit of putting the tops back on the paint , which is a very good thing and hopefully will save me some money( I won't have to replace so many!!) I have been posting some of my current work over at one of my other blogs...visit me there and see what I have been partially up to ...and leave me a comment....it is always nice to hear from everyone!!
Fall is beginning here in upstate NY and I love the smell in the air...love the cooler nights and the beautiful colors...dread the snow...but I know it will follow!! Hope this post finds every one well and happy and up to their elbows in creativity....
Wishing you a slice of warm apple pie!!
Artfully Yours,

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