This year I have been making it a point to expose myself more...both to my true self and to others. I have been fairly shy all my life so this is a completely new adventure for me. I have given way to walking up to the edge and jumping! And guess what?!?! I didn't fall...I FLEW! I have come a long way in a year! And I truly am happier than I ever have been with this new found exposure...So, I decided that I would REWARD myself. I have made these BIG GIRL AWARDS for friends, but I have finally made one for myself! So here it is ... the Oscar of all the girl awards! THE BIG GIRL AWARD for putting them on and pulling them up! ENJOY!
Artfully Yours,


She Who Flies said...

An award so wonderfully deserved!!! What a cool idea. You know, I think I might make myself one too ;-)

nici said...

Ok, this is the most FANTASTIC looking award I have ever laid eyes on!