So I have been elbow deep in the paint...trying to finish up the bench for the breast cancer coalition auction that is due at the end of the week. Now, I was feeling a bit down and out...having a small poor pattie pity party...(Do you know the feeling?)I did not get something that I had hoped for...heck I even had it on my dream board...but alas...
When you get those "rejections" it is very difficult NOT to take it personally...when I know in my heart that I shouldn't...So I have had to take time to digest with it..figure out what I want and how I want to go about it from here...when I received some kind and wonderful words from a friend...AND BANG ...BAM...BOOM...POW! It hit me right in the heart I thought I would share what she said....cause boy did the words ever hit home....and made me so aware of the the blessings of friends and their support....THANK YOU CHERYL!!

"Sorry about the disappointment w/the teaching gig... hey...they're doing you a favor...know why?... 'cause they're causing you to create/seek a venue, that is more "you"... that's what it all boils down to Pattie! You didn't get it 'cause it's wasn't' IDEAL for you... so now you get to find/create what IS ideal for you... the entire..who, what, where, when how...on your terms!.. you get to play in the field of possibilities more than you have!...Sounds so good.. there's ideas that have just been waiting for an opp. to pop!...I can't wait to see what they will be! Now... go do it!! Folks are waiting for what you have to give! Fly dragonfly!!-- and reacquaint w/dragonfly energy...i believe it's about adapting and changing flight "on a dime"... 'cause they're so adaptable ???"

I have my dragon fly gratitude beads in front of me...and I am counting ALL OF MY BLESSINGS...And I am waiting for the OPP to POP!! Take a moment today and send a friend a note of encouragement..a note of praise...a note of friendship....IT WILL MAKE THEIR DAY....and YOURS!!
Artfully Yours,


Cheryl Finley: said...
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Cheryl Finley: said...

Hi Pattie!
I am thrilled that you were uplifted by my e-mail! You are very welcome :) Looks like we have a new catch phrase "OPP(S) POP"...can't wait to see how your new ones will POP; AND've popped a garden-full please remember to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for that; I know I, and many, many others here appreciate that.
Keep shining!

Jeanne! said...


What wise Muse Cheryl said...109 times over!

Albert, Ahaphrodite, and Audacity are ready to codesign and POP
your own, special OP, Ms. Pattie!

(GREAT phrase, Cheryl!!)

With love and appreciation,


Royce Addington: said...

A chorus of such beautiful and wise voices drowns out the 'rejection blues' - Yes!?!

Bottom line - In not choosing you for the gig...IT IS MOST DEFINATELY THEIR LOSS!!!

AND...and as the eloquent Shaman Cheryl so perfectly states...time for you to OPP(S)POP , strap on those iridescent dragonfly wings and SOAR HIGHER AND HIGHER AND HIGHER!!!