There are changes going on around me that I have no control over in the slightest! My good husband was informed that his entire complex where he works (computer work!) will be outsourced to India by the end of the month!! Now, this is a pretty scary thing for people rapidly approaching their 60's with mortgages, and bills to be paid. So I turned to my Oracle cards today, (as I do every Sunday) and asked for a sign...This card was the most powerful as my hands lightly touched each card...When I turned it over, I was told that I was SAFE...Safe to be powerful!! That by using my power instead of worrying I can continue to be not only gentle but powerful and still be effective!!!!!!! It truly was a card that wanted to surface and reaffirm that I am on the path that I am suppose to be on!! Causing deep, down within my being SMILES!!!
May your day start out and end with you also standing in your POWER!
Artfully Yours,

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