My friend Sheila, tagged me to give you and insight into my weirdness!! LOL...
ONLY 7 things!! So here goes:
1. I can clean my studio, but I ACTUALLY am more creative if it is a mess!

2. I am a collector of sorts, and when I use to do counted cross stitch I would buy a pattern
the material and all the threads....I have so many in bags (that I probably will never do!)
that I could more than likely set up a small store!

3. I am very shy!! I guess that is why doing this machine is a bit easier for me that a face to
face....I get to expose much more of myself!

4. My house is devoid of color....Yes, the girl who dreams in color, paints in color, and visualizes
in color has beige walls!!

5. I spend a lot of my time in my pj's!! On a good day I don't get dressed till noon and then I get
back into my pj's around 4! Needless to say, all my pj's and bathrobes have paint all over

6. I did not learn to drive till I was 30 years old! Yes, you read that correctly...I was a single mom barely making ends meet, so I couldn't afford a car and insurance! My kids and I walked
everywhere, took buses, and relied on good friends! (actually it was a GREAT life!)


7. I really LOVE certain cartoon programs...and I am so glad that I have a grandson so I get to
watch them whenever he is over....Sesame Street/ the Count/Cookie Monster...LOVE THEM!

So...I pass this on to anyone who would loved to be TAGGED for 7 WEIRD THINGS BOUT THEM SELF...Just post back here and we will all come and see just how Weird YOU ARE!
Artfully Yours,

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