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Following Your Heart’s Desire!

In this case, 'it' is a Clock.
You know what it is! It calls to you during your waking hours, comes to you in your dreams and haunts you when you do not acknowledge it

Following Your Heart’s Desire!

by Pattie Mosca

In 1998 after reading SARK’s book, “SUCCULENT WILD WOMAN” I decided that it was TIME! Time to get back to my hearts desire! I had raised my children, and they had flown the nest. The new cat had filled a void, but something was still missing! That piece of ME that I had given up on as a young adult. And now, I was going back, starting over, beginning once again and allowing myself to do ART!

I started designing clocks out of a 4-inch square box that I had received a gift in. Where someone else just saw a brown paper box, I saw a KOOL KLOX in a BOX! I designed, I spent hours painting and assembling. I did this with a friend of mine, who worked out of her home as I was working out of mine. One day we finally got together to show each other what we had accomplished. AHHHHHHH…she had made the most beautiful clocks and mine looked, well at best, childish! I beat myself up, gave up, and decided whom was I kidding! But, then I came to the realization (after many days of tears) that my clocks were just different! We had committed to doing a festival, so I had no choice but to continue making my clock, Red hot chili pepper clocks that had festive sombreros on them, frog clock with lip prints exclaiming, “JUST HOW MANY OF THEM DO I HAVE TO KISS IN A DAY?” and the “Queen for a Day” clock. At the festival people laughed at my clocks and smiled and to my delight bought!! I sold almost all my clocks! It was after this festival that I decided that my art was my art!! Childish, whimsical, and most of all made people smile. I designed a clock for SARK, but never made or sent it!

This year, I attended the WILD CHILD WISDOM RETREAT! Mostly I was called to it because of Marney and my Muse, Jill Badonsky, were going to be doing it! But, to my excitement SARK was going to be the keynote speaker. I met her, told her about the clock and the inspiration that she had given me. She said “YOU MUST MAKE IT AND SEND IT TO ME!” After returning home I did just that!

There is always a moral at the end of a good story. Something that you walk away with, that you know to be true. The moral here is to FOLLOW YOUR HEART’S DESIRE.

You know what it is! It calls to you during your waking hours, comes to you in your dreams and haunts you when you do not acknowledge it. Start today! Allow yourself to take a few minutes and do what has been calling to you. It will truly make your heart soar! Although I have long since grown past the clocks and now do furniture and murals, one clock remains on my drawing table to remind me of where I started. How my wings have grown and how high I can actually fly!

I am hoping that I will be giving you a little inspiration to follow your heart!

With all that being said: FLY ON THE WINGS OF YOUR DREAMS!

Pattie Mosca is a true believer in the power of creativity and listening to her inner spirit for happiness and bliss! As a surface designer, she does original and custom pieces that are collected by clients worldwide. Pattie paints furniture and other objects, as well as mixed media and art journals. She has the honor of doing her creativity daily! You can join her affirmation journaling at:

Photo above: Pattie, left, and SARK at Artella’s 2005 WildChild Wisdom Retreat

This clock now is on SARK's night stand...SO ...DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I am still on my journey of discovery... As you can see I went to this retreat in 2005 . but I am still in contact with a many of the members of this retreat and HOPE with all my heart that I will be able to host one myself...FOLLOW YOUR OWN DREAMS
Artfully Yours,


She Who Flies said...

Wonderful inspiring article Pattie! SARK has always been a great inspiration to me too. How lucky you are to have met her! And how lucky she is to have a clock made by you. The story has come full circle :-)

Pattie, in case you think so, I haven't forgotten about you... you know what I mean ;-)

She She said...

Pattie, what a wonderful story. It is nice to see your photo too, you are just beautiful, and I can see your gentle spirit in your face! I know what you mean about blogging too. As far as never meeting friens you make blogging... I think we'll meet one day.