The Fox And The Child Trailer - from Pathe in Spring 2008

This trailer just makes my heart skip a beat and open up to the possibilities of such beauty and magic. I can hardly wait for it to come out...Enjoy!

Artfully Yours,



She Who Flies said...

This movie has been on my list of "must sees" since my friend Laetitia mentioned it to me. I've been meaning to blog about foxes too, but... you've seen how my blog has been somewhat neglected as of late... Too much work and stuff to deal with :-(

But back to foxes. I've always loved them so imagine my sheer joy when I discovered that one lives just outside our home and visits our garden regularly to "mark his territory". He always does the same thing, which is quite funny. What a thrill to have a regular fox visitor! I haven't yet managed to take a photo of him yet though.

Thanks for your email and the tag. I'm giving myself a week off work, so I'll reply shortly. Hope all is well with you.

Diana said...

Thank you for this lovely trailor. It brought tears to my eyes.