Gratitude Sunday...

5 things I am grateful for today!

1. Creativity...doesn't matter if it is paint, paper, pen, or just taking a walk and seeing all the beautiful creativity around me...the birds, the sun, the buds. Creativity rocks my world!

2. Pets...and the unconditional love they bestow upon me!

3. Comfort food...You know, the stuff you make that reminds you of your childhood, or a happy time in your life...the comfort of home cooking...warm and loving fresh from the oven.

4. Good coffee...I mean, the first cup in the and strong and so wake me up and let me start the day coffee!

5. Music...the sentiment it evokes, the way it makes you want to move your feet and body. How it can make you laugh or silent it would be without it...

And you? What are a couple things you are grateful for today?
Artfully Yours,


Deb Silva said...

miss you!!

Bernie Berlin said...

I am grateful for you:)