A note from the Universe!

Now, I know that each of us who get TUT across our screens every day receive the same message. BUT...it is how it impacts each of us individually that matters! We each read it and apply it to our own life and today...this message was exactly what I needed...exactly what I was suppose to hear! Hope it can be applied to you too!

Be proud to know as much as you do about life, dreams and reality. Bask, Patricia. It was a long climb up the stairway of enlightenment, and many a battle over false beliefs and mass consciousness have been won. You don't have to shout from your roof to live your truth every second of every day, but don't shy away from the ignorant; they need you. Nor be intimidated by the truly wise; they love you. And please don't ever let self-consciousness keep you from slipping into a world that would be unimaginably incomplete without you.

Artfully Yours,

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