Gratitude Sunday...

Here are 5 things that come to mind quickly that I am grateful for this week...

1. Roots...the foundation of life.
2. Laughter...Deep heart felt laughter
3. Belief...the belief that I have in myself and the power that I hold on to.
4. Celebrations...and what they show you about yourself and others.
5. Patience...With myself and with others....

Artfully Yours,

What 5 things can you acknowledge from this week that cause you to be ever so grateful?

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Anonymous said...

well, it's monday, but i still like the spotlight on gratitude! even on a monday. i am grateful for:

1. 12-step meetings
2. an emotionally available/supportive/awesome husband!
3. heals
4. an excellent teaching expereince yesterday.
5. square-peg friends!
6. finally, a sunny day on the island!!!

opps, that's SIX!!
thanks for letting me share!