I just received my copy of Altered Couture...And the raincoat and umbrella posted above is gracing the pages of 120 and 121! It is so beautifully photographed...and I am bursting with
creative pride!! So many wonderful projects for all you altered artists out there...and for those of you sitting on the edge...run out and get this issue...join in the fun!!
Artfully Yours,


Anonymous said...

totally adorable!! many congrats on publishing! yeah for YOU!! wendy (frennd of SPP karen caterson!)

cheryl finley said...

Wow Pattie... this is thrilling!! I am so happy for you...for us! And..the Summer 2008 issue of Artful Blogging too... you are blooming all over... Congratulations!


Judy H in NC said...

Can't wait to see the magazine. I always at least look through it while drinking my white chocolate mocha at the bookstore. I can say "I know that person"

Brenda said...

gotta go back to the book store--Three cheers for Pattie!
Love You,
brenda bliss