May 14, 2009

After taking time off to enjoy a VACATION....I fast forward to today....I readily admit, that I did not do my journal while away! Sometimes you just REALLY have to take time off for good behavior...but I am trying to get back into the swing of things today...I toast today to the REAL...real coffee...real paint...real pens...REALITY! And I sip the soul vitamin of safe travels down a U-TURN that I have been thrown...bursting the bubbles of FEAR from that turn one at a time....One of the prompts today talked about trash....but I did not do that one the way it was written, instead I was focused on how much trash people just left lying around at the vacation spot...thinking well, I suppose they hire someone to pick it up...but it was senseless trash...gum stuck under tables (I hate that especially if it is fresh gum that gets stuck to my clothes...when a napkin is readily available) and speaking of napkins...why let them fall on the ground and leave them there...pick the darn things up and throw them away....senseless trash...soda and beer cans left on the side of bushes...why? Lazy? Thoughtless?....I always have a small plastic bag in my purse for just such things if a trash can is not close....SIMPLE! OK...OFF my soap box!
Artfully Yours,

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Halo Hill said...

I know! I even put my own trash in my purse if one isn't around. Better to toss it at home than "around". I know... what the heck are people thinking? You know what? Back in the day... (WAY back in the day) when I was a police officer, I wrote a few tickets for littering and I think I did something good with those! (Betcha didn't know that about me, or that I am 5'1" too)! I'm just a walking bundle of millions of surprises! (Um, the "bundle" is getting too large to handle)! I'm working on it!