Hatch Your Egg Today!!

I went to bed late and I was up early!! Nothing like running on 4 hours of sleep!! But, my creative juices were running high last night! (So what else is new?!)
The thing about this show is that if someone buys a piece, I cannot take it off the wall till I have something to replace it!! Now, there is an REASON not to sleep!! LOL
So I was working on replacing some of the pieces...and managed to make 3 small 5 by 7 altered pieces and one 11 by 14 framed piece! Hatch Your Egg Today is one of the smaller altered pieces! I have lots of little thumb nail sketches for some others! That seems to be the way it goes with me...I just plain go into over drive, so if I don't sketch them out when they appear to me, they somehow get lost in my memory bank!! So my wish for you today is two fold! I wish for you to hatch your egg today, whatever that may be! Color, paint, draw or write but get a hatching!! And I wish that you get lost in the process of that! Because once you do, you will find a happiness that you only dreamed about before today!
Artfully Yours,

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