Your Wildest Imagination!

"I believe that you manifest what you want by who you think you are and what your wildest imagination can conceive"
This piece is going to reside in my friend, Carol's new kitchen! Now, Carol is one of those friends that I have had for some 25 years! When we were young mothers we spent a great deal of time together, but as we have grown it becomes less and less...Carol is one of those people however where time and space changes nothing between us, we just pull up a chair as if it were yesterday! I adore that about us! However, I do know that once I see her I realize how much I miss not seeing her!! LOL...So, I will make sure I do that more often, when I am thinking about calling....I will just call!! This is my wish for you today...That if you are thinking about a friend, make sure you give them a call, meet for coffee, talk, reconnect! Because good friends are hard to come by...and impossiable to replace!! THINK I WILL GO CALL CAROL NOW!!
Artfully Yours,

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