Unlock Your Heart/Be Thankful!

So here it is November and it is that time of year when you
really want to reflect on what it is that you are thankful for. We really do need to be aware of our blessings throughout the entire year. But, somehow for most of us, that comes and goes in splurts depending on our mood. So as we approach Thanksgiving Day, take a moment or two and completely unlock your heart. Open up and see what it is that you are really thankful for. It does not have to be HUGE...there are so many small things that we overlook everyday, or just take for granted. Some things you hear alot of people say are: "IF ONLY"..."I WISH I HAD" ..."If I could go back.." "I should of said"...So here is my wish for you today...Unlock your heart...Do the IF ONLYS...Start the WISH I HADS..SAY THE THINGS YOU WANT TO SAY TO THOSE YOU LOVE...And go forward from here, be a little more open to your blessings. View a few of them everyday!! Cause once you start to do this....They just seem to pile up! And your life and your heart just opens up to all the possiabilities you only dreamed of before. I for one am thankful for just being able to write this and express how I feel this morning!
Artfully Yours,

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