It's a beautiful morning....sun is shining and I am so happy to be interviewing Brenda today!
We have our tiaras on...sitting sipping tea and joyous to be in each others company. LIFE IS GOOD as they say on the t-shirts! Without further ado....I am happy to introduce you to Brenda, head counselor and founder of BLISS BOOTCAMP!

ME: What is the dream that you are bringing to realization in your life?

BRENDA: I have been dreaming for years of hosting art retreats where the artists are interacting the whole time with the students....where life long friendships are made and where, when an artist leaves, she/he says to themselves... "These few days changed my life!"

ME: How did you get yourself PAST the fear to put one foot in front of the other to do this?

BRENDA: I don't know if I am past the fear yet or not :) I am 50 years old and I could have waited, and waited and waited some more...and then it could have been too late, So I just put on my big girl panties and started planning! And support from Team Bliss didn't hurt!

ME: What do you hope these retreats will provide for the person who attends? And what can they expect to learn at them?

BRENDA: I want artists to be able to get away from it all and just enjoy the moment and create. When artists gather, they blossom! It gets creative juices flowing and an energy like no other spills out. We will all learn new wonderful techniques and uncover unknown talent. And we will all learn to Love ourselves just a little bit more!

ME: Why do you think attending a retreat is important for everyone who is on a quest to reach their potential important?

BRENDA: Retreats are a special place where one doesn't have to deal with everyday garbage. Where you are surrounded by your tribe. Wisdom is all around. Amazing things happen when a group of artists join together. It's like a bowl of popcorn...a bunch of little kernels, all in their own little hard shelled world, until you put them all together, add a bit of heat and POOF-- they open and expand and change shape and have so much more to offer the world!

ME: Besides retreats I know you make wonderful healing jewelry and talisman....are you going to be sharing with others your talent also?

BRENDA: Thank you Pattie! Maybe after I get a few Bliss Bootcamps under my belt---we shall see...I would love to teach someday.

Special Bonus Question of the Day...

ME: What is the one thing that just lights up your inspiration and creativity to help you move forward toward your dream?

BRENDA: There are many wonderful retreats out there that I have attended and memories from them all help drive me onward. Many artists are out there just waiting to be given the chance to teach and I want to be able to offer them that opportunity. I also have started the Bliss Bucket--a place where people can donate money-and the Bliss Bootcamp will match those dollars and offer scholarships to artists who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend a retreat.

Thanks for sharing yourself Brenda....I hope that it gives others the inspiration to follow their step out on that branch and fly! I am wishing you much success on this new adventure....and want to let everyone who wants to have an experience that will change their life to sign up for the bliss bootcamp experience....your southern warmth and love...not to mention the tiara makes ME extremely happy and I am SO looking forward to this retreat!
Can we go and play in the studio now???!!!
Artfully Yours,

PS: Click ANY of the words: bliss bootcamp and they will take you directly to the camps home page...where you will learn MORE about this exciting weekend!

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