5 Things I am grateful for today

Here it is the beginning of summer!! And what a beautiful day it was here! Although I had some computer problems I did not let that spoil my day in anyway...shape...or form!!

1. The warmth of the sun...shining brightly!
2. Holding tightly to my dreams! (which get closer every day!)
3. Baking!! (oh how I love to bake when I am happy!!)
4. Singing ...(even if I do sing off key...I love to sing to the music in the stores!!)
5. Asking myself questions...and listening for the answers...(and connecting them together!)

It was a beautiful day today!! May your Memorial Day weekend be spectacular!
Artfully Yours,

PS: The picture is one of the terra cotta suns that I did over at one of my other blogs! Come on over and play at THE BUCK STARTS HERE!

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