Happy Birth Day!

Happy Birth Day dear daughter of mine!! My oldest child is turning 35 today...well really she turned 35 at 6:01 this morning!! all 8 pounds and 6 ounces of her...21 inches long...10 fingers...10 toes...perfect and pink!! And MINE!!!!!!!! What a joy!(and of course the other love of my life...her child...my grandson!) The years have been good...through it all I wouldn't change a thing of the learning process of MOTHER -DAUGHTER relationships....So Happy Birth DAY! To you...To me!! You have been my gift!
If you want to see what I have made for her...you'll have to go to Explore The Colors!! I rarely ever purchase for this girl!! We are artists she and I after all!!
Make a wish for someone you love today! (even if it isn't their birth day!)
Artfully Yours,


She Who Flies said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!! Hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating!

cheryl said...

Oh, what a beautiful daughter you have! I see you in her :)...and what a sweet, beautiful boy she has : ) Hapy Birthday to your daughter!