Happy Mother's Day.... 5 things I am grateful for...

Today is Mother's Day, and I would like to take this moment to wish all of you who are among this group a very happy day! As I reflect on this "hallmark" occasion I think how wonderful it would be if we honored each other every day and not just the one day. How if we took a moment to say thank you...I appreciate you...I love you...just once more before we walk out a door...or run back for that single hug or kiss how much more gratitude we would receive in our lives. Or give someone that message via a phone call ...an e mail...a letter. All of us following this path could make a difference! It does not matter to me if you are a mother...a grandmother ..a child...a lover...the mother of a pet... an aunt...a sister...single...married...together...alone. What matters to me (and hopefully to you) is that you are aware of the people who are important in your life...and you take a moment every day (not just the hallmark days!) and honor them. By doing so...you honor yourself...

5 things I am grateful for today:
1. Hearing the words...I LOVE YOU! (and saying the words...I LOVE YOU!)
2. Being able to give and receive big bear hugs! (and little baby hugs!)
3. Being aware that my heart is following its path.
4. Sunshine that makes you just want to run outside and play!
5. Smiling...you know the kind that come from deep down within.

Artfully Yours,

Who can you share a moment with today, for no other reason, than to let them know how important they are in your life?

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Royce said...

Tomorrow we will SMILE from that deep place...in the warmth of the SUNSHINE...giving little and BIG Bear Hugs to honour your loving HEART.