Musing Around...

This is a little doodle I did while "musing" around on the phone. It came to my attention today while talking to the women at the hair salon that MOST people want to be creative in some kind of way! That a good many people say things like: "I am not talented"..."I don't have a creative bone in my body"...oh yes, and the classic..."I just don't have any time". To all of that I just say:
PASHAW! (which means...bologna! ..ha!...go on!...yes you do!) So I have decided that I am going to begin a weekly prompt here for you (not on any given day...but as my Muse instructs me to!)
To get you get you spur you on...Come on...lets play...So this is the prompt...while talking on the a sheet of paper in front of you...maybe some colored pencils...maybe just a sharpie...and doodle!! It's fun...It is something everyone can do...takes no time away from any thing else you are doing...Key words that go on in the conversation.. circles... No talent needed...don't have to show anyone...just start to play...You could even take the key words and make a poem...a rhyme about the conversation...(especially if it was a memorable one) All you have to do is take the step...One little step...and before you know it...You will be on your way!
Artfully Yours,


Kazarelth said...

I usually get swirls. And more swirls. And the strangely redundant repition of the word: "lalalalala". {I'm not really sure if that could be considered a word!}

My talent lies in a different sphere- with words. Yet, I envy all artists. It's harder to put thoughts into the limitation of language. Art is so much more limitless. And yet, it requires more thought and practice.

I just passed by, and really liked your 'doodles' as you say!

cheryl said...

I like this Pattie...the doodle as well as the prompt! I'm gonna (if I remember) take my colored pencils to work and do this while on the phone or something...and I'll try it at home too. Thank you! I'll let you know what I come up with!
Thank you very much! This is exciting to me :)

Karin said...


I remember your mandalas from the show. I wish I had gotten to meet you. Thanks you for noticing my work at today's art opening and thanks for checking out my shop and leaving c comment on my blog. I really relate to this post. I believe every human being has an innate need and ability to create. I encourage it because it is there in each of us. So often through our conventional education system it is not nurtured. If it were I honestly believe the world would be a happier place. Doodle on!