February 10, 2009

Sometimes you've just got to do it....bake something gooey!! And then wait a minute and eat them hot from the oven....I just love that!! So full of joy and comfort for me!!! I imagine my hips aren't that happy, but who cares!! The prompts today...gave me food for thought too...If I had a fire extinguisher I would put OUT all the STRESS in my life!! WOW!! That would be something!!
And the messages that I would LOVE to hear from myself every day....Going to keep these in the fore front now....Jimmy Durante...CHA_CHA_CHA....just made me giggle....and we all know that water helps everything to grow...So why not me too!
Artfully Yours,


Sharon said...

Ah, cookies. Tomorrow afternoon I am baking cookies. What a wonderful idea, Pattie! Thank you.

Halo Hill said...

Love your post, and your art, and the Magic 8 ball is cool too!!



yertle said...

I love the idea of extinguishing stress. Put it out!