February 17, 2009

As I sat down and read the prompts today...drinking my morning coffee....I toast the day....I allow myself to be present and in the moment...not rushing ahead of myself and not lingering behind....Still intact! When I think of the people I most admire...several words come to mind and I listed some of them that were presented quickly....As I look in the mirror I have yet to see them shine through to me this morning...but then again, it is still early!! LOL.....One of the prompts on this page was to REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE.....and some days it is difficult for me to focus on myself (although I suppose I have this morning, because...heck, I have taken time to do my journal page and my affirmation page (FROM THE INSIDE OUT) and that is a very good thing!! So I am reminded that even if I only take 5 minutes (or in this case an hour!) than I am ahead of the game!!
Artfully Yours,

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yertle said...

Thank you. I needed this reminder to be sure to take time for myself.