February 13, 2009

I did this journal page late this afternoon....after receiving some news that concerns my future and that of my family....So the toast of the day is a SHOT of COURAGE!! One of the prompts on this page was to delete things from your computer....(clean house!!) I find that difficult to do...not only here in my studio...but also here on the machine...You never know when you might need it...but I looked at some things that I have had since beginning this adventure in 1999...and although I rarely go to them anymore...there is a sort of comfort knowing they are there...Same with the things in boxes that have been unopened for 20 years....BUT....I NEED TO DO THAT!!
Another prompt was to change your name and write as if you were now someone else...although the thought of being someone else (the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!!) I just know in my heart that I can not nor would I even like to do that....BUT...just don't call me PAT!!! (it is a long story...but I just don't like to be called that!!)...And today...as I journal...I am very aware that TODAY is the beginning of yet another chapter in my life....
Artfully Yours,

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