March 10, 2009

Flip side....Today, I did my journal page early!! SO I FLIPPED!! as I was reminded to give myself a fresh bowl of water....Give myself a bone and bark joyfully....Some days you just have to honor yourself with what YOU want TO DO!! And this morning has just been one of those days, here it is almost noon and I am still in my pj's happily creating here in the studio since 8 this morning!!! My kitties surround me....always were I am they are there to sit on my lap...walk in my paint...get fur over everything and drink from my brush water even though I leave a fresh bowl of water out for them....guess they want to be just like ME! LOL....sometimes in dirty water...sometimes in fresh! I am very aware of my animal totems....the guides I have....the fish that allows me to swim....The cat that allows me to love unconditionally....the bunny that allows me to hop from one thing to the next....and the bird...the sweet bird that allows me to fly!
Artfully Yours,

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Halo Hill said...

Very cool!

Warm hugs,