March 21, 2009 is my Mother's Birthday today....and she is 83 ...just like my father would of been! It was my Dad's claim to fame that for 1 whole day he was OLDER than she was!! LOL....So I pour a big glass of milk (my mother always told us to drink our milk!) in honor of her birthday and toast to Fabulous Mothers'....Now, as a grown adult I can honestly say there were times that i did not understand my mother....perhaps even ignored my mother....but as a grown adult I know that I have always respected my mother! Once I became a mother I certainly understood her better!! LOL....So if my father gave me my quick wit....then my mother most certainly gave me my quick temper!! (which I am learning to control much better with age!!)
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.....May we all be able to enjoy many more with you!
Artfully Yours,

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