March 8, 2009

Feeling as if I am back in the groove today with my journal page....So, I toast to riding the ebb and flow of life successfully....sometimes it just takes longer than others!! And I will not forget (or at least I will try not to forget, especially if I am riding a wave!) where I came from and where I am off listen to my honor the smallest of steps...and to remember that there are NO MISTAKES...allowing myself to be ME!.....I am a fairly shy person (I know ...hard to believe) but I am in person....this machine allows for so many things to feel so much easier to express....and I am happy for the opportunities it has allowed me....And we all know that Uppity Woman break the rules...which is what I did with that prompt....I used all the words as a word pool instead of writing about JUST ONE!! LOL....Yup!! She is feeling better!! LOL
Artfully Yours,

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