March 6, 2009

So, I am late with posting my journal page from yesterday...but I have a really good excuse for myself.....I WAS SLEEPING!!! LOL....Have you ever had one of those weeks when you were so filled with emotion that all you really could do was SLEEP!! Well....that is the week I have had...but yesterday, I felt a movement....I woke up with the Sun and a spoon full of Sugar!! I took a prompt from the day before to celebrate a ceremony for myself....of lighting my candle in my studio for the first time in a week and breathing....quieting myself...and once again listening to the beating of my own heart....I am aware that regardless of what is going on around me....I DO deserve all the good and wonderful things that come my way....I should not feel guilty about that...and I should not dismiss or push them aside....And my soul vitamins are now dripping back within and a hug is two arms wrapped around U!!! (or myself in this case!)
Artfully Yours,

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Halo Hill said...

Oh my heavens! You DO deserve everything nice that comes your way!! Don't feel guilty! (Were we twins and switched at birth? I have the same affliction). It's not like your life is a cake walk, dear one. It is so hard so often, you must just be thankful and rejoice and be open to receiving more blessings. More and More. You know how much we love to give gifts to those we love? How much more does God love to give to us? Can you imagine? I can't fathom it, but I know it. Blessings and goodness to you, sweet friend.

Warm Hugs,

p.s. sleep when you can and remember, naps are good for the soul.