March 7, 2009

I remind myself today, to take a shot of sunshine regardless of the drink in something that makes me happy...something that makes me smile....something that warms me!
I have always been aware of being a little bit left of center...not knowing until later in life that it was my creative side!! But I see things differently...I do not follow the norm...and it is certainly OK to be like that....the square peg in the round hole as my friend, Karen would say!! LOL....As I did this journal page I was thinking that regardless of anything one should always be semi prepared for the things that are going on around me...Perhaps that means that I should always have my hip boots ready to wade through the high waters...but most of all I should wear that smile that comes from my heart that I readily pin on my sleeve!!! I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my living room that welcome me each day with there fragrance and beauty....and they have lasted now for I clip off the fallen ones and remove the leaves that no longer are nourished so that the buds may bloom and they remind me to take care of myself as I have taken care of them in order to grow...
Artfully Yours,

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