Art Goddess

I forgot to post my 31 days of art swap piece from yesterday and found it in the pile on my desk! This is a picture of my art goddess who is with me all day long! Each window shows her...morning...afternoon..early evening and the wee hours of the night!
It is all done with acrylic, but I am going to give it a high gloss medium sealer...however, that does not scan very well....Anyhow here it is...And my wish is that you also have your goddess with you all day long...or at least the favorite part of your day!
Artfully Yours,
PS: JUST IN!! I FINISHED MY DEADLINE PROJECT TODAY!! All I need to do now is write a short summary as to how I made it, and take photos and off she is going to Callie!! I am SO VERY PROUD OF MYSELF!

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Anonymous said...

YOU SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF! Never doubt your Creative Magnificence!!!