Watch for open windows!

This is the picture I did for the swap for the 18th. I started it this afternoon but finished it up late tonight (or is it early morning!) Anyhow, it is done with Acrylics and oil pastel..I have never used oil pastels before so I only used it on the background. I am going to have my daughter show me how to better utilize them into my art as they are fun to play with. And that is my wish for all who venture here today, that you look at some of the new things that I am playing with and you try your hand at some different things to! I see that in my stash of supplies that I have water color crayons, and plaster, and ..... well, if you are anything like I am you have a room full of unused supplies!! Now is the time to try some of just might have as much fun discovering things as I am!
Artfully Yours,

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