My Heart Is In The Garden Gourd Doll

OK...I am unveiling her here!! This is an art doll made out of a garden gourd! She is all hand painted with acrylic paint...her hat is made out of felt which I stiffened and then tipped with glitter..She sits on a base of a grapevine wreath which has been embellished with greens and a feather and a bird...She has a little wooden heart on her dress..." MY HEART IS IN THE GARDEN" is the title...Now, I consider myself a surface, give me a surface! This is no exception! I have another one too, but will take pictures tomorrow....Anyhow, she is going to be packed and going off to California tomorrow for an ART CHALLENGE for a national magazine...THIS IS WISH #2! I am putting it out to the universe...Personally she just makes me HAPPY and will be a gift to my mother when she returns because my mother fell in love with her!
Hope the judges do too! Have more to post, but that will be a little later...I am behind today, because my grandson was here for the day...and as much as I love to create, my "play" time with him does my heart so much good!! And that is my wish today, that you know what does your heart good and you honor and dance with it!
Artfully Yours,


Hélène Deroubaix said...

she's so colorful like your soul!
best of luck for the art challenge!
blessed be

Pattie Mosca said...

Thanks so much! She is in the mail along with the second one, which I have not posted yet...and off to California she goes!! The funny thing about this piece is that the gourd came from California and I titled it:
My Heart is in the in a way she has come full circle and is on her way back home! Perhaps it is a sign!!
Artfully Yours,