Just a note to let you know that if you do not see a post from me for a few days, it is not because anything is wrong, or I have nothing to say! (cause I always have something to say, or so I have been told!) I have given myself a challenge this year to submit projects to national magazines! With that being said, like most artists I start out with gusto and then for whatever reason I lose momentum and now the deadline looms in front of me!! Well, I do know that I am also VERY CREATIVE in the 11th hour!! LOL...although that is NOT what I highly recommend to people!! So, I will be finishing up one project that MUST leave my hands and off to California by March 2! I will post a picture of it, if I can get this camera up and running on this machine...So they say to put it out to the universe the things that YOU WANT...because that is the SECRET..
So, this is WISH #1...I WANT THIS PROJECT TO BE ACCEPTED IN THE NATIONAL MAGAZINE! I applied this year to be a presenter at several art retreats...I was not excepted because I was NOT nationally known...WELL....I WILL DO ALL I CAN TO GET THAT RECOGNITION so that I can become a presenter and share some of what I do with others!! Now how is that for POSITIVE THINKING!! I will be with you in spirit, and this machine is somewhat of an addiction so I am NOT saying that I won't be here!! Cause everyone knows you just can't walk by a computer without checking your E mail or posting a note or two, or three or.....
Artfully Yours,

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