I was reading a newsletter from a sister Muse today and she had a great little article on lemons...how, sometimes life gets in the way of your art because it is the "unsweet" things that hold us down...It reminded me of a piece that I did in an ABC art journal that I did and here it is....Lemons remind me of going for the ZEST of life...the little card at the bottom goes in the pocket next to the lemon picture...all the pages in this journal were made like this with a little ATC card in a pocket that was art work or words to go with the letter...I will share all another time..But for now, I am thankful just to have been reminded to keep striving and keeping going with my creative life with ALL THE ZEST of a ripe lemon!! That is my wish for all who venture here today, that you let the "unsweet" things have there moment (cause they will even if you don't like it!!) but take the bitterness out and go for the Zest! You will be happier for it!
Artfully Yours,

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