Growing Colors

Once again I am posting late! Seems to be the ways these days! LOL...Anyhow this is the painting I did for the 6 by 6 swap for the 24th...I am having great fun with random design! Just taking the pencil and letting it do whatever it likes and then seeing what it makes...I tend to like flower designs...I titled this one Growing Colors...It just seems to be bursting open to the universe! Which is a little bit how I am feeling these days..BUSTING OPEN!! And that would be my wish who all who view today, that you let yourself feel your joy and let it bust right out of you onto paper, in the kitchen while cooking, while you are at your desk writing or typing on this beloved machine...Whatever your passion...HONOR IT! It is such a wonderful and exploding, not to mention freeing experience!
Artfully Yours,

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