Yesterday was the first day of spring, and although upstate NY is getting there, it isn't where I would like it to be yet!! Ah, Mark Twain once said..."If you don't like the weather in upstate NY, just wait a minute, it will change"..I believe this statement to be SOOOO true here!! But, the birds are singing and I hear the geese returning, while the snow is seriously melting! So, I have to assume that is a good sign! I have been working on things in the studio, but all have been on a fairly large scale and so I have not been able to post them...I still have 6 days to complete on my swap items and will get back to them ASAP! I have joined in several other swaps, sometimes I do bite off a little bit more than I can chew...BUT...I do so love the challenge!! So, if I start to complain in any way, shape or form, please remind me of this post!! LOL.... I have to get back to the creative area, (not that this isn't ... it is just that, well, like anyone else...this machine can totally suck me in and all of a sudden 2 hours has passed!..LOL) So, my wish for all today is that you continue to honor your creative process, whatever it may be and SMILE....SPRING IS HERE!! (this is a picture of a small cross stitch that I did as a birthday gift for a friend, but it is very spring like!!) YES...I do needle art too!!
Artfully Yours,

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