Right In Front of YOU!

This is a swap piece that was inspired by my daughter!! She is a single Mom of a 2 year old and was asking the sage old question: where is love? The little guy was running circles around her leg at the time and I answered...Right in front of you!! It made me think about how sometimes we are looking for something that we can't even see is standing right there in front of us! We long for something, and don't even realize that we already have it! I kept this piece simple and with only a few colors, because actually that is how I felt when I gave her the answer...It is simple, sometimes we just don't realize how simple it is, and we try to make life so much harder than it needs to be. This piece is acrylic and the background is done with a texture magic compound that I raked with a brush and then used oil pastels on and rubbed with gold paint after... It was done for March 1st, but it took a while for the background to dry!! So, that is my wish for you today...that you look out the window of your soul and see all the love that surrounds you! It is always there even when you are looking somewhere else!!
Artfully Yours,


Anonymous said...

As I look out the window tonight,
three red ruby hearts are sparkling in the moonlight as they dance along the waves off of Kokomo Beach! THANK YOU Pattie Mosca for the joyful creativity and inspiration!!! We're SO GRATEFUL that you are right in front of us on your brilliant Blog!

Pattie Mosca said...

I am wishing on one of those red ruby hearts right now!! And wishing I was dancing on Kokomo Beach!! Some day soon I hope!